Hi there! We want you to be happy and enjoy our products. So if you see something that you can use, please purchase it from us! If you don’t see what you want please feel free to contact us. We are a small workshop in Mexico trying to make a difference to the lives of these fine women here. Help us keep their families together and to teach them new things!

We love to help and are friendly and easy to work with. If there is anything we can do for you please let us know! We run a workshop in Mexico to help ladies have a decent job and to learn new things. We are here to help you and welcome your questions. We take very good care of our customers and hope that you will return to us many times! The girls need all of our customers – please keep supporting us!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. All of our payments are processed by PayPal. IF you have any questions, please contact us.

We ship from Mexico via Correos Mexicanas to world-wide destinations. We register all packages over $10 US in product. That way, your package can be tracked on both Correos Mexicanas and the USPS (or your country’s Postal System.)

Our ground shipping charges are VERY REASONABLE. For most items, shipping is less than $3 US for the first item and less than $0.50 US for each additional item (US shipments). Other world-wide destinations are typically less than $5 US for the first item and less than $0.60 US for each additional item.

Because we are deep in the heart of Mexico, shipping is somewhat slow (but still reliable). Please be patient while waiting for your order to arrive. We try to ship within 1-3 business days. Most packages arrive in approx. 10 business days but sometimes it can be 15 and even 20 business days. This is primarily due to US Customs System, but sometimes due to the Mexican postal system. Unfortunately, the US Customs is particularly slow on processing packages sent from Mexico. But be assured, your package will get to you. We have no control over the US Customs System.

Fortunately for our European, Central American and South American customers, your country’s customs departments do not cause such problems, and the transit time will be more typical.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes the USPS system will give you a message several days (or even weeks) after we have shipped your package. It will say something like “Origin Post is preparing your package.” This message is very misleading. This means that your package is currently (and finally) being processed by US Customs. Be assured that we shipped your package promptly and we are as frustrated by US Customs processing times as you are.

Please check out our pictures carefully, we try very hard to be accurate because we value our reputation. Due to the fact that we are in Mexico, items can be returned but it isn’t very easy. Please contact us for a return authorization before returning any items. No credits or returns will be accepted with a return authorization.

Unless we have made an error, all refunds will be for product charges only and are subject to a 5% restocking fee.


We take the security of your personal data very seriously.  All of the purchase transactions on our website and transfers of sensitive information such as credit card information are transferred via secure HTTPS protocols.

We have sold for many years on Etsy.com under the name SupplyDiva. You can see the fantastic ratings our customers have given us. We strive to maintain this reputation.

We can cut out most of our shapes from 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 gauge metals.  We use Pure 100% copper, brass, and tumbaga (a bronze alloy also known as NuGold), Alpaca Silver (German Silver) and Sterling Silver (on special order).   If the item has very small cuts it would have to be 20 gauge and thinner. Please email us if there is something special that you are looking for, as we often prepare special orders for our customers.

Our Metal Shapes are cut out in our small Metal Workshop here in Mexico. Our Metal Sheet is 1st Grade for these shapes. The Metal is often annealed, cut, then formed on a 80, 100 & 120 Ton Press, it is amazing to see these machines at work.  You can see one at work here  on our facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/laurasjewelryworkshop .

Our  shapes and blanks can be stamped, soldered, drilled, textured, fused, and bent.  Our Copper Shapes are suitable for Vitreous Enameling and used any way you see fit. We typically polish, and de-burr these items when possible.

Our Gunmetal Items have a permanent treatment done in a similar manner to Silver Plating. All of our gunmetal wire is Tumbaga-cored which is a Bronze Alloy. It is a lot stiffer than copper cored materials.  But if you prefer Copper Cored Gunmetal, we can do that as well.  Our Pendant Pieces and Discs are all Copper in the Center. This is a tough finish similar to real Gunmetal. Of course if you are rough with it, it can be nicked or scraped away. It is a lovely material and we are the exclusive website offering it.   It is done in small batches and is labor intensive to produce.


Prince’s metal or Prince Rupert’s metal is a type of alpha brass containing 75% copper and 25% zinc. Due to its beautiful yellow color, it is used as an imitation of gold. The alloy was named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine.

We do not use purchased mixtures or use paints, we use old patina recipes and formulas to produce uncontrollable results. For that reason each item will vary slightly, but will be very similar to what you see.   After we cut our own figures using 80, 100 and 120 presses, and sometimes hammer the surface to give it  texture or emboss a pattern in the metal, we polish this item.  When the metal is ready we apply the patina and let it develop, sometimes for days, then we protect the patina with a clear matte or shiny finish, or with wax. These come to you ready to use.




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  1. Hello: I saw your beautiful bead caps on Donna’s (CG Beads) Facebook site. How can I purchase?

    Thank You

    • Hi Diane, you can go to our store on this site (the tab “store” at the top of the page) and search for beadcaps and it will bring up all of them. Or go to our Etsy store at http://supplydiva.etsy.com and search for beadcaps there as well. If there is something particular you are wanting just let me know in an email! I will be happy to help!

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